Do the Dirty Bird

This post has one purpose, and one purpose only:

GO FALCONS! Let's take it to the Super Bowl, boys!

This is for all those folks who think that, somehow, a regular season record of 13-2 is a blip on the radar.




Monty said...

This will be a tough game for the Falcons but I think they pull it out.

kstar said...

I gave you the “Stylish Blogger Award” over at my blog Pass it on! :)

What is a Contradiction? said...

@Monty-I wish you had been right! They played terribly, and it was nothing like the talented team I know they are! I just do not like all the hateful comments from bandwagoners...or the fact that Tony Gonzalez still hasn't ever had the chance to play in a championship game...@kstar- Wow, thank you so much! What an exciting honor! =)