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Hello friends!

After receiving a $20 gift card to Borders from my regional manager as a belated Christmas gift, I decided I would go shopping for a new book to kick-start the Chick Lit Plus Reading Challenge. I know, I know...we've already had this discussion once...or twice...but it's because our local B&N didn't have my first choice and I just couldn't pass up an autographed novel! So I went to Borders and bought my original selection: Life After Yes by Aiden Donelly Rowley. And here's my opinion, thus far:

Wickedly smart. Funny in a way that appeals to my sarcastic nature. Sexy, but subtle.

I find myself re-reading phrases that catch my attention (and this is easy given Rowley's penchant for short, pointed sentences...some people call them "fragments"; I call them "powerful").

I should have the full-review posted within the next week. Surprisingly, now that I am working normal, human hours (i.e. 9 a.m.-6 p.m., rather than the 1 p.m.-10 p.m. I had been working for almost three years), I actually have less quiet time at work. It seems the students are quite excited about the fact that my office (which is the career center, open lab, and library all in one) is open early. My new part-time lab monitor is a wonderful help, and a hard worker, and it has been nothing but busy busy busy since the beginning of the Winter quarter.

I guess it's time for me to make a schedule and stick with it: Up at 7 a.m., Bible study, breakfast/coffee, shower, work from 9-6, work out, dinner and time with hubby, write/edit/read, bedtime!


Back to the books...

I'm also still reading A Soft Place to Land, Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush, and I just purchased Julie Klassen's newest: The Girl in the Gatehouse. I am a SUCKER for anything historical, romantic, or reminiscent of Jane Austen. Plus, Klassen shows us her faith in a way that is authentic and real, not campy or forced. So, it seems, I have a good deal of reading to get done...oh, darn...

On that note...back to the books I go!


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