What can I say? When I make a promise, I keep a promise =).

Hello friends!

I promised you all in recent posts that I would have some cool things to offer here and, boy, am I very thankful to announce that, very soon, A Bundle of Contradictions (ABC) will be hosting one of my favorite authors: Jordan Christy, author of How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World! Words can't even begin to express my excitement!

The whole process came about when I, after seeing so many bloggers do the same, wondered "Now why in the world couldn't I interview someone?" So I fiddled around on a few author sites and found that, voila!, many of them have contact information listed, either directly to the author or to a publicist. I have been following Jordan's blog since I first read her book last year and, every week, I receive her "Happy Hepburn Friday" updates in my email inbox (You should subscribe too! What girl doesn't want to learn how to mix up a batch of stuffing muffins on a whim or put together beautiful photo collections as gifts? These are the things that all ladies should be well-versed at doing, my friends! You never know when you'll be hosting a party!) I sent a quick email to her publicist who, in turn, emailed Jordan who, in turn, emailed me. Sometimes all it takes is just putting yourself out there. Jordan is a classy girl and she has written about the lost art of living with grace and style, so it's a great pleasure to have her stop by for a visit on ABC.

Be on the lookout for her interview and, in the meantime, check out her book! It's a fun read!


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