What are your resolutions?

Hi friends!

Only two more days until Christmas and I'm finally done with my shopping! Hooray! Now I just have to wrap it all, clean my house, and get a good night's sleep before the festivities begin tomorrow (praise the Lord that my work is allowing us to have Christmas Eve off this year...not so in past years...). I've been listening to Christmas music all week and I am ready to worship at Buckhead Church and relax with my family and friends.

But after Christmas, after all the food and sweets and down-time, comes the resolutions for the new year. Have any of you started your list yet? In honor of this impending celebration (and subsequent struggle to follow-through with said resolutions) I have posted mine from last year. Let's have a look-see, shall we?

BTW...this was posted on Facebook Notes...otherwise I probably would have lost it by the end of January. So here we go...

New Year's Resolutions 2010

(I wrote out 25 because it's a good round number and, unfortunately, that's how old I turned this year.)

1. Finish my book- CHECK (I actually wrote two: one coffee-table book, and one novel. The first is published...the second is...well...on it's way in that direction)!

2. Get through my first grad school class and internship without hyperventilating or anything similarly ridiculous- CHECK (for the first part...I did have a panic attack after months of barely any sleep)

3. Read a one-year version of the Bible and finish it by December 31, 2010 - Got through to April...but I still have 8 days! =)

4. Go skydiving!- CHECK (twice)!

5. Let Jesus be my King and Pierce be my prince-Working on it...

6. Get my novel published, sell lots of copies, go on a book tour, reach #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list, and have it picked up for a movie...that's not too ambitious, right? Okay, I'll settle for being published- CHECK!

7. Visit my family in California- CHECK!

8. Read 100 books- Got exactly halfway there.

9. Make our new place a HOME- CHECK!

10. Write more letters- CHECK (my sister-in-law is my new pen-pal)!

11. Finish my Greece scrapbook- Psshh....

12. Save and maintain at least 3 months income in our savings account- HA (I did start our 401(k)!

13. Stop being a control-freak- I have nothing to say to this.

14. LOVE LOVE LOVE all day, every day, no matter who, what, when, or where- Working on it with every fiber in my being!

15. Be selfless- Like most of these, always a work in progress.

16. Get a tan-CHECK

17. Join a dance class with the hubby ;)- I did join a class but, alas, the hubby stayed behind...


19. Learn to cook one incredibly exquisite dish and serve it to family and friends with our fine china- That's a good one for 2011

20. Get Bella all her shots, a nice grooming, and a few little breath mints ;)- Does washing her in the bathtub and waking up to find her chewing on the toothpaste tube count?

21. Limit my procrastination (because stopping altogether is just an unattainable resolution)- Much better this year, I must say.

22. Drink a bottle of water every day- Maybe I should change "water" to "sweet tea"...

23. Live in the freedom that grace has given me- Loving this part of the journey!

24. Add another country to the ones I have already visited- I added it to a list of places I want to go...so...that's all I've got for now!

25. Spend more time outside- CHECK!

The final tally? 13 out of 25 (and, yes, I'm giving my self extra points for the things I did twice, such as skydiving and writing two books). Not too bad! 2010 was definitely the first year I have ever followed through with my resolutions. I imagine some of them will continue on for the rest of my life!

So what are your resolutions for 2011? Have you got any crazy/wonderful things you'd like to accomplish?

Merry Christmas!


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