'Tis the season!

Hi friends!

First off, let me begin by simply stating that I love (love, love, love) Joy Williams' "Here With Us". It is, in three words, UH. MAY. ZING. You should go check it out!

So how is everyone doing? Fabulously, I hope. I'm a little behind on my Christmas shopping, but I suppose it's not that bad considering I won't get to see some of my friends until after Christmas Day, so I'm not as stressed for time. I can't wait to attend the Christmas Eve service at Buckhead Church on Friday. It was incredibly intense on Sunday...what great fellowship! What a blessing it is to serve a King together with other believers who desire Him. Plus, I got to hear "Oh Holy Night", which is my absolute favorite of all the Christmas melodies =).

Today I thought I would touch on a few of my recent thoughts on writing and blogging. I've been spending inordinate amounts of time reading agent and writer blogs online (most of which are, to say the least, hilarious) and it's been great not only for increasing my understanding of the publishing world, but also for encouraging me to write and edit. I'm thisclose to finishing my novel and sending out my queries, and reading these blogs are (despite the actual time spent reading them) really helping me along. I read what other aspiring authors have asked, and what the agents have to say in response, and it makes me feel that publishing my novel is just around the corner. Time cannot be wasted! It's like the winds in Sharon Creech's YA novel Walk Two Moons (another thing that is absolutely UH. MAY. ZING...I'm 25 and I still adore her books) that follow Sal around whispering "hurry, hurry, hurry...rush, rush, rush". I will not let the New Year pass without having completed my edits. This is not simply an arbitrary deadline I've given myself; it's more a notice to remind me that I can finish the book, and soon, if I devote myself to it the way I should.

My hope is that I'll work on the novel this evening (and spend some time asking for my husband to forgive me for being such an immature brat last night...tired Wendi + not-tired husband and long work hours = ARGUMENT...which was entirely my fault, I will admit) and then relax with some coffee and the Gospels. I need a bit of time to gather my thoughts away from how stressing this week has been so far. Thankfully, my hardest tasks have been taken care of and I can move on to, well, the work I actually WANT to do.

I hope that each of you is having a wonderful holiday season. My prayer is that you'll spend some time reflecting on how adored you are by our Servant King and reading about the incredible story of His birth. No matter what you believe, I hope that your holiday is a blessed one and that you have safe travels!


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