A Bundle of "One Day I Will..." Favs

Hi friends!

Today is a quiet, not-very-productive day for me and my editing, so I thought that I would procrastinate further by listing a few (or more) "One Day I Will..." favs, just for your entertainment ;). These are not in order of importance; they just kind of fell out of my head. So here we go:

1. One day I will...travel all over Europe with my dear friend, Lauren.

2. One day I will...take a picture of myself "holding up" the Leaning Tower of Pisa (I know it's cheesy and touristy, but who cares?).

3. One day I will...author books as a career and use my downtime to be a housewife.

4. One day I will...read the entire Bible, from start to finish (a task I began this year in my One-Year Women's Bible and only got through to April...).

5. One day I will...handroll my own sushi.

6. One day I will...live close to my best friend, Jillian, again.

7. One day I will...have another wedding (to the same man, of course...I'm speaking here in terms of anniversary vows).

8. One day I will...have a daughter named Lucy and a son named Lucas.

9. One day I will...wear every item of clothing in my closet without repeating outfits.

10. One day I will...drink a bottle of water every day.

11. One day I will...walk where Jesus walked.

12. One day I will...see Anne Frank's diary in person.

13. One day I will...live outside of Georgia, preferably by the beach.

14. One day I will...sit in rocking chairs with my hubby of 50 years.

15. One day I will...purchase in-season Louboutins, a Chanel bag, and a DVF dress.

16. One day I will...pay of all my student loans and credit card debt (!!!).

17. One day I will...buy my Dad the '68 Mustang fastback ("midnight blue, restored from the ground up", he always says) he's talked about since I was a kid.

18. One day I will...be a good mom.

19. One day I will...see my older brother play drums for a really awesome band at a really sold-out concert.

20. One day I will...give $1,000,000 to Georgia Southern's Alumni Association.

21. One day I will...crowd surf.

22. One day I will...meet Butch Walker.

23. One day I will...get over my stage fright (singing, not speaking).

24. One day I will...see my name on the credits of a (good) movie and they will read something like this: "Based on the bestselling novel by Wendi Nunnery".

And the last "One day I will" (in honor of my age, don'tcha know?) is...

25. One day I will...learn how to cook like my grandmother =).

Love, Wendi


Christy Curley said...

I've never personally met Butch Walker, but my step-sister dated him a few times back when he was still in the Marvelous 3. That counts for something, right? haha!

What is a Contradiction? said...

That counts for more than something! My best friend, Lauren, and I just love him! She's met him a few times and he wore a bracelet on stage that she made for him once.