It's Beginning to Look a Lot Christmas

Even though I always complain about the commercial aspects of Christmas and the inevitable pattern that stores follow of placing decorations out next to the leftover Halloween candy in November, I secretly LOVE that my favorite holiday is just around the corner. I hardly need an excuse to start listening to "O Holy Night" or slipping "Elf" in the DVD player, but it's nice to have one all the same (there's one of those contradictions I mentioned).

My only real issue regarding Christmas is the slow, almost deliberate, removal of Christ and his birth. I love the snow, the lights, the songs, the cookies, and the evergreen candles (oh, is that just me? I like my house to smell like a forest) just as much, if not more, than anybody. But the very name is a result of a son being born in a manger to a faithful virgin named Mary, a night that moved us beyond all recognition, a night that fortified our very existence by making us pure and whole in the eyes of God. We were given grace because of that night, because of that child who grew to be our Savior, and we are free from all restrictions because of such grace. What beauty there is in this life because of Jesus, the son of the King. Why would we want to remove His presence? I love the joy of the season, but what joy can there be without the Prince of Peace?

On a more superficial topic, I am thankful this season for my job and for my husband, for friends and family, and for being a published author come December. The Mayfield Family Story will be available to the public next month (hopefully in time for Christmas) and I intend on giving a few copies to those close to me, in hopes that it might find its way to their coffee tables and serve as a conversation piece when guests arrive and ask "What is this here, this lovely leather bound piece of art?" (oh, to dream). Either way, it wil surely find itself wrapped and laden with bows beneath quite a few trees this year, thanks to my self-promoting efforts. With any luck, my novel will be on the shelves of your local Borders this time next year and then I can ask you all to go buy a copy (The Mayfield Family Story is not for retail, except in Mayfield gift shops and, possibly, Amazon or eBay).

I hope you're all having a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Be sure to stuff yourselves with turkey and dressing, no thoughts of saturated fat or caloric value allowed...promise?

With love,

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