Falling leaves and happiness...

Hi all!

Fall is here and, boy, is it beautiful! The weather has done a complete 360 in the last two weeks. It was 90 outside everyday and now I need sweaters! I love it! I am not looking forward to winter, though. Being nice and cool is great...freezing to death and having my fingers turn purple from the cold is not...

So Pierce and I are really loving our church. It's incredible! I love how Andy Stanley focuses on biblical principles rooted in the love of God and bringing honor to Him. It's not about rules and regulations; it's Christ-centered focus with wit and humor about the trials of life. It's hope and grace. It's everything that Jesus wants us to have in our walk with Him and the Holy Spirit within us. I feel like the more I am in fellowship with people who value these things, the more my life changes. What used to be upsetting or disheartening becomes a chance to acknowledge the work of the Spirit and obey Him. I visited with a friend last week and, for the first time in my life, I felt equipped to witness to her (or anyone for that matter, though I try to be a witness in how I live my life). We've spent years confiding in one another about life, school, marriage, and other things...and all of it seemed to have been leading up to that moment. I was prepared because Pierce and I have been studying the Word and participating in an AWESOME small group and, because of all those things, my heart was open to the Spirit's leading. I like to believe that I've paid attention before, but this was the first time I could see a seed planted in someone, the potential for a relationship with Jesus to develop because I listened to God's urging. How incredible! I got in my car afterwards and just kind of sat and prayed for a moment, asking for wisdom, praying for my friend and for humility, that I wouldn't get caught up in "being a good Christian", but, rather, allowing the Lord to be seen in me.

Pray for this, friends, if you will, whoever you are! It would mean a lot to me.

I've been able to take a breather for a few weeks...California...no internship to work...but now I'm done with the internship for good and back to my late hours with Strayer. School starts in a few weeks and I feel really thankful that God is giving me this chance to really let go of some issues that were stressing me out and pushing me to make Him less of a priority.

I can't WAIT to go to the 'Boro this weekend for my first GSU game of the season! Oh, how I miss my home...screaming at Paulson is just what I need to get into the spirit of Halloween and corn mazes and pumpkin spice lattes...=).

I'm about to start editing my book and then get it sent out to agents. I cannot WAIT to get my first rejection letter! I'm going to frame it, ya know. Yes, I meant to write rejection...that will mean that someone besides me and my friends are actually reading my work. Imagine how STOKED I will be when someone wants to be my agent, and then again when they want to publish it! Life is grand...

Please keep my grandmother, grandfather, dad, and aunt in your prayers. They're still really struggling with the death of my uncle. It's so hard losing someone you love that is dear...I miss him very much.

All in all, things are going pretty well, even in the midst of change and hardship. I am learning to trust and thrive in the comfort of my Lord. I hope you all are, as well.

Be blessed!



Christy Curley said...

I realize this is like the LEAST important thing in this blog, but...don't you mean the weather did a 180? 360 would put it right back where it was, right? ;) haha

Christy Curley said...

Oh, wait. I have a better comment. Andy Stanley is your pastor?!?! Like, as in, North Point Ministries? I watch his videos on Youtube all the time! He's so awesome! I'm sure your church is a Spirit filled body of Christ! :) Awesome!