Oh, happy day!

Hey y'all,

Can I just say that the Android platform phones were the best inventions ever? No, make that Google apps...I can't make up my mind. I am completely and totally baffled by our technology and the things that we have available to us via a simple (HA!) phone. I can read my Bible and choose daily reading plans...I can download and listen to a specialized radio station...I can find Chuck Norris facts at the touch of a button (this, BY FAR, is the best part of having an Andriod phone). I am fascinated by it all! I can use my phone as a flashlight, a barcode scanner...does it go to the bathroom for me?

It does make me get a little existentialist and wonder why we need everything at our fingertips? Why is everything so easy? Is it just that we've simply made so many advances we have to keep going above and beyond or risk losing it all? Or is it that we've gotten so far away from true effort, from true ability, from true REWARD? I'm as guilty as the next person of enjoying the perks of our futuristic (or present) technology...as can be seen in the paragraph above. Do I believe there is sin in this? No. I think we are crazy smart (I say "we" as though I somehow came up with the idea of a calorie counter app) and our ideas are meant to be seen through and enjoyed. But we have (myself included) become totally RELIANT on what we have created when, in reality, we can never rely on ourselves. After all, what man has made, man can destroy (The R.M.S. Titanic, anyone?). What God has made, NO ONE can destroy. I see my phone as convenient, something that can provide music, readings, Bible study, and, let's not forget, actual conversations (it took me awhile, no lie, to figure out how to use it as a PHONE...haha...go me). I don't want to see it as a necessity. I don't want to spend so much time on it that it attaches itself to my hand. You might laugh, but I think there is a certain bit of danger in material possessions and we have to guard ourselves against making them our idols. I know I do. My books are something my idols. My movies. My clothes. I have to tread lightly when I get excited about something and stop and thank the One who provided it for me in the first place. In all my thoughts about this new phone, I believe it just takes perspective and thankfulness. Pray with me as I learn to appreciate what God has given to us.

So now I'm going to listen to some praise and worship (on my phone, yes) and drink my iced coffee. I hope you, my friend, are having a fabulous morning!


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