Roundin' that last curve...

Hi all!

I've started a countdown to the moment when I can say: "I have written a novel". My goal is to finish by my birthday, August 20, and then to spend a month or two editing and writing a kick-ass query letter to send to literary agents, no later than my two-year wedding anniversary (November 1). I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself this time around. Last year I worked exceptionally hard on a novel for about four months, got to around 100,000 words, then slowed to a stop by the time fall came around. I haven't picked it up since because whenever I look at it, I hate it. It's true. Not because it's necessarily bad, but because I rambled on for about 20,000 words more than I should have, and it seems like too big a project to try and fix. I'll get back to it at some point...

But with this novel, for which I have a title but am not about to post it for all the world to see (and steal ;), is coming along great. I've been writing for almost four months and, this time, it will be done in just a few weeks. I want nothing more than to wake up on my 25th birthday and know that I finished my novel. I can't wait for that gift to myself. It's tough, though, to write every day. I work two jobs, 13 hours a day, and then get home at 11 p.m. at night. Thankfully, my full-time position allows for a pretty generous amount of downtime. My laptop keeps me company on most days.

As of this moment, I am at 33,600 words and 150 pages. My ultimate goal is to reach 50,000 words (could care less how many pages). I have 14 days to do this, which means I am aiming for no less than 1,200 words per day. I've been keeping up with that number fairly well for the last few weeks...I think I can stick with it for just two more. If you're reading this, send some prayers my way...this is no time for procrastination.

Countdown to Goal:

August 20- 14 days away
50,000 words- 16,400 remaining


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