Down to the Wire!

My friends: today is a good day.

I have a Chick-Fil-A sweet tea in front of me (my last for a while, I have to's not helping my "eat healthy" mentality, no matter how strong my Southern mentality might be...) and my laptop as well. The book countdown continues and I am one chapter away from completing the Mayfield 100th anniversary legacy book (to be sent to the printers in September, back in time for Christmas...guys, you all know what you're getting from me this year...). I am, more importantly, only 12,000 words away from a finished novel and, whew, am I excited. I feel elated with every passing moment, with every sentence and page that finds itself free from my mind and fingertips.

Yes, friends, the time for editing is almost here. This also signifies the time for my 25th birthday which I am trying very hard to look forward to. I LOVE birthdays, but this one is the first time I've ever started to feel like the only thing I have left in common with "young" people is that first digit...the 2 in 20s...because I'm not in college anymore, I've been able to drink for quite some time, and I'm almost into my third year of marriage. I only slightly resemble those twenty-year olds at the Wooden Nikel, but I guess this is no real loss because I never actually resembled them very much anyway ;).

Next Friday, August 20th, is my birthday and every year from now on I will turn 25.

Here's the tally:

38,000 words
12,000 words to go
11 days left until deadline

Much love friends!


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