It's Official!

Hello everyone!

Well, I'm DONE! I finished my novel with just under four hours to spare before my deadline. Thank you, thank you. I know: I'm awesome. =)

In all seriousness, I am super pumped about finishing my goal. It feels incredible. I'm not quite up to my word count goal but, with some editing, I should be able to get to it with little problem. I'm heading out to California for a vacation with the hubby here soon, so I've printed out the manuscript and I'll be doing edits on the plane, just like a real little author ;). Then when we return, I'm going to write an amazing query letter and get a dozen agents scrambling to represent me! Jump to next summer, and you can find my novel on the NY Times Bestseller list...just sayin'...=)

I can't write too much right now, but I just wanted to say that God is incredible and I am loving this season right now, growing in my faith with Him, even within the moments recently where I've cried and been tired and (uh-oh) had my first-ever panic attack. Pierce and I just joined a small group at church and we're loving the Buckhead Church. Andy Stanley is a great shepherd for his congregation and he leads us consistently towards a growing relationship with Christ, Who I need more than I ever thought possible.

Pray for us, if you will, and I'll be praying for you all!

Love, Wendi

Down to the Wire!

My friends: today is a good day.

I have a Chick-Fil-A sweet tea in front of me (my last for a while, I have to's not helping my "eat healthy" mentality, no matter how strong my Southern mentality might be...) and my laptop as well. The book countdown continues and I am one chapter away from completing the Mayfield 100th anniversary legacy book (to be sent to the printers in September, back in time for Christmas...guys, you all know what you're getting from me this year...). I am, more importantly, only 12,000 words away from a finished novel and, whew, am I excited. I feel elated with every passing moment, with every sentence and page that finds itself free from my mind and fingertips.

Yes, friends, the time for editing is almost here. This also signifies the time for my 25th birthday which I am trying very hard to look forward to. I LOVE birthdays, but this one is the first time I've ever started to feel like the only thing I have left in common with "young" people is that first digit...the 2 in 20s...because I'm not in college anymore, I've been able to drink for quite some time, and I'm almost into my third year of marriage. I only slightly resemble those twenty-year olds at the Wooden Nikel, but I guess this is no real loss because I never actually resembled them very much anyway ;).

Next Friday, August 20th, is my birthday and every year from now on I will turn 25.

Here's the tally:

38,000 words
12,000 words to go
11 days left until deadline

Much love friends!


Roundin' that last curve...

Hi all!

I've started a countdown to the moment when I can say: "I have written a novel". My goal is to finish by my birthday, August 20, and then to spend a month or two editing and writing a kick-ass query letter to send to literary agents, no later than my two-year wedding anniversary (November 1). I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself this time around. Last year I worked exceptionally hard on a novel for about four months, got to around 100,000 words, then slowed to a stop by the time fall came around. I haven't picked it up since because whenever I look at it, I hate it. It's true. Not because it's necessarily bad, but because I rambled on for about 20,000 words more than I should have, and it seems like too big a project to try and fix. I'll get back to it at some point...

But with this novel, for which I have a title but am not about to post it for all the world to see (and steal ;), is coming along great. I've been writing for almost four months and, this time, it will be done in just a few weeks. I want nothing more than to wake up on my 25th birthday and know that I finished my novel. I can't wait for that gift to myself. It's tough, though, to write every day. I work two jobs, 13 hours a day, and then get home at 11 p.m. at night. Thankfully, my full-time position allows for a pretty generous amount of downtime. My laptop keeps me company on most days.

As of this moment, I am at 33,600 words and 150 pages. My ultimate goal is to reach 50,000 words (could care less how many pages). I have 14 days to do this, which means I am aiming for no less than 1,200 words per day. I've been keeping up with that number fairly well for the last few weeks...I think I can stick with it for just two more. If you're reading this, send some prayers my way...this is no time for procrastination.

Countdown to Goal:

August 20- 14 days away
50,000 words- 16,400 remaining


A Day of Fasting

Per a sweet message from an old classmate, I am inspired to write a blog today. All three of you who read this should go thank her ;).

For the last two months there has been some issues at home (not at home with Pierce; rather, in my hometown with family) and I've been praying over them, hoping for some guidance. I was in the kind of place where I wanted change, but only God could bring it. I was doubting, you see. Not doubting in God's abilities, but doubting whether or not He would choose to open hearts. We are given free will. He will not force what He wants upon us. We have to be willing to receive it or we will spend our entire lives looking for fufillment in other things: food, sex, drugs, travel, books, music, fame...etc...I've been praying for open hearts and praying for real, live-giving, God-honoring change. I had no idea if it would be given...I still don't. But I do know that there are choices to be made. God can offer all the help in the universe (and He does) but if we are blind to Him we won't see it. I pray that eyes will be open to truth and to the reality of a life without the Lord. That's what this day was all about: fasting and praying for change for a bunch of different things. I have a family member that I love dearly but, most often, do not trust. I want to...I've always wanted to, but I've only been given the chance to trust this person a few times. I pray that this time of struggle and of uncertainty will be what my family member needs to, as it was written to me, "cling to God always and not just when things are hard." That was a beautiful thing to see.

I was aked by this family member to fast today. Some wonderful things have happened, more than what, as I see now, I believed would. I can't go into detail here, but the issue at hand is practically resolved, pending a few other things tomorrow. So we will cease fasting at 5:00 p.m., but continue to pray through the evening and into the morning. I am thankful that this person thought of me and that we've been able to stand by one another today. It's a link for us that is strong, this mutual prayer, and I am relishing every second.

I'm proud of what we've done together and I feel that God is really spending some time with both of us this afternoon...and I am grateful.

Love, Wendi