Water, Water, Everywhere

It's been less than a week since my last post and, even though I'm majorly slacking from how I began, it's an improvement from the last few weeks. Nothing too exciting, except I am (finally) done with all the weddings and showers and graduations and what not...they've been beautiful and fun and lovely, but hell on my pocketbook and calendar, to say the least. Congrats to everyone who achieved something these past few months and know that I was blessed to be a part of your day(s).

Father's Day was fun, for both of my fathers, and it was such a blessing to have the luxury of paying for both of their dinners. I would love to give so much more but, alas, until my novel is finished and on the top of the NY Times bestseller list, I must hold off...

Tomorrow I am going to try a new, small change and get up 30 minutes earlier (since my phone goes off at all hours because people call me at 4 a.m....don't know why...and our apartment complex likes to have practice fire drills at the butt-crack of dawn...seriously, are we in college? They don't really make us practice, but they've been going off before the sun is up quite frequently and it's PISSING ME OFF! I'm done...)...where was I? Oh yeah. Small change. Get up a little earlier to make coffee and start my day with a Bible study. Also, I am cutting out unnecessary sugar (because, seriously, it's too much of a pain to try and get rid of it ALL), like Coke, sweet tea (kill me now!), and candy...I'm sticking to water, milk, and a little bit of juice. I had a salad today with a Jamaica-Me-Crazy Tuna bagel for lunch...banana for breakfast (yes, I know I did that backwards) and some granola bars...eating right is super-duper hard. My body craves Chick-Fil-A like there's no tomorrow. I really need discipline in this if I want to shed the ten extra pounds I've been lugging around for two years. I know, I know...shut up.

This week I get off work at 6 p.m. (What? People actually get home before eleven???)so I plan on going to visit my fantastic cousin, Brittany, and her hubby now that they're back in Atlanta, and get some grillin' done at her new place. Then I'll be working out every night, eating a good (homemade) dinner, and spending lots of, ahem, quality time with my hubby. Too much information, I know but, seriously, no one is reading this. I just looked at my profile views since last week and the number went up by 1, and that was only because I had to look at it to see the tally!

The night is almost over and, as you might be able to tell, I am done for the evening...hence all the side notes and parenthesis for every other sentence.


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