I've Come Undone

I'm having a very difficult time today, and I have been for almost the entire week. I've come to a few realizations, both about myself and others, that are painful and kind of heartbreaking. I'm not really sure how to respond to this sudden onset of realization, except just to say that I am trying my best. Even though situations are not good, God always is. And He is much bigger than my problems. I'm not even sure they are problems or that anyone else even recognizes them, but they're causing me a lot pain, no doubt, and I need Him if I'm going to step back, take a look around, and work through them. If I try to do it alone, or based on my own emotions, I will certainly end up trying to control the situation and, ultimately, fail miserably. I need loads of prayer, if you have it in you to offer some. I would definitely appreciate it.

On a good note: it's Friday, I have nothing to do but relax this weekend, and my dear God-brother, Elijah (who was always my number two choice behind Pierce...lol) is graduating tonight. I am super proud of the man he has become!

Until later,


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