I Am A Dreamer

My favorite thing to do is create blog titles from song titles. I am fully aware that I am ripping off One Tree Hill, but since it is one of my all-time favorite shows, I feel that I can safely use the excuse that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Right now I am listening to THE Bethany Dillon and her song "Dreamer". LOVE her. She is an incredible singer-songwriter who loves the Lord AND...drumroll please...she ripped off MY baby name idea! Okay, okay. I only met her once for about five minutes at a show and she wasn't even pregnant then, but I know that she is naming her due-very-soon baby girl Lucy James. Lucy has been my long-time chosen girl name, probably since I was seven and started watching I Love Lucy with religious fervor. Lucille Ball is, and will always remain, the singular most interesting woman who's ever lived. But where I was going with that, as I said before, is that Lucy is MY name and, get this...Jane is going to be her middle name (when, if ever, we actually get around to having children, ya know). That's eerily close to Lucy James, isn't it? And I claim rights to it because I am three years older than Bethany Dillon. So there.

Anyway, Pierce got very sick last night with some stuffy-headed-sinusy-grossness and I stayed home from my internship this morning to take care of him. The fact that Pierce actually got up to go to work, went for about an hour, and then came back home showed me just how sick he really is. That boy would work if he was dead. I made him some chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese (wifey points for me!)and put a cold washcloth on his head. I hate that he is sick, and pitiful as anything, but I do so love to take care of him. Is that just a female thing? Do we just loved to take care of our men? All of my friends are very maternal in that aspect and, I think, despite whatever labels might be placed on me for saying this, that women really are just born with an innate motherly sense of how to care. Kiss my ass if you don't like it. It's a wonderful characteristic to have, whether you have zero children or eighteen (I am hoping for somewhere in the middle...say...two). I hope Pierce feels better soon.

So...today has been great. Feeling much better now that my stomach is not all jittery and nauseated. I have a sweet tea, I brought my lunch today (whoo hoo!), and I have completed two pages on the Mayfield book, along with two pages on my own novel. I'm the picture of productivity and it feels AWESOME!

Until tomorrow, my friends,


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