Hollywood films in my backyard...

On a rather decidely fateful whim, I chose to pack my lunch today instead of going to the mall to eat. But I got bored, as always, and drove over to the mall to walk around Borders, like I do almost every day. Alas! What did I find but a bona fide Hollywood movie being filmed in the food court! All I could see were cameras, and those neat fancy fold-up chairs (with the movie name splashed across the back), and a crowd of curious onlookers with camera phones whipped out like weapons, ready to fire at the sight of an actor or a call for "Action!". The movie, I soon learned, was Big Mommas: Like Fathers, Like Sons starring Martin Lawrence. I like some of his movies, and it was fascinating to see him in person, standing around like a normal person. Don't try to tell me celebrities are normal...they live in a totally different world, I don't care how much of their own grocery shopping they do. As Janis Ian so articulately stated in Mean Girls: "It's like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs". And so it was...I stood around, blatantly staring, even though I'd like to pretend I'm much cooler than all the weirdos who were gaping at him, drooling. I got to watch the director at work, who shouted for silence, please, and then came the most wonderful phrase I'd ever heard...a one-word, two-syllable magic piece of Hollywood history..."ACTION!" Martin and his castmate took the escalator up, said three or four lines, hopped off at the top, and "CUT!" That was it. But it was probably the best twenty seconds of my life...no lie.

So that was my day. Thanks, God, for bestowing upon me a little glimpse of Hollywood. I can die happy now ;).


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