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Friends, let me tell you that there is nothing more exhilarating than the feel of a new book and an ice-cold latte in my hands, especially on this hot, hot day. Actually, there are quite a few things more exhilarating, say, jumping out of a plane, your first kiss, graduating from college...but I digress. God has certainly blessed me with the financial stability to be able to enjoy life's little pleasures, but I have to admit that I do spend way too much time and money on books and coffee (and SWEET TEA...ah, heaven...), and just because I CAN spend it doesn't mean I SHOULD. Know what I mean? My mother always taught me to enjoy what I have because "you can't take it with you when you die", as long as my bills are paid first (which they are!). Still, I find myself wondering how much I could be saving without my daily tea, weekly book or shirt, or even just driving to the mall on my lunch break. For almost two weeks now I have been bringing my lunch to work with me (and breakfast, since I am at work 13 hours a day, 4 days a week). I'm extremely proud of myself. It's something I want to do for our finances, as well as my health, and there are other things coming up that I have to start thinking about.

Number 1: Lauren's baby shower. I am, along with two of my sweet friends, hosting a shower for our old college friend, Lauren. Which means invites (going out on Friday, God willing!), food, decorations, presents, travel, etc...need I say more?

Number 2: Two graduations, one additional baby shower, one wedding, and a partridge and a pear tree...all within the next 30 days. And, yes, I actually DO WANT to go to these events...they are not just obligations. I am learning to say "no" and, even though it is a bit stressful, I want to attend.


Number 4: Trip to California to see my sisters and brother-in-law. Pierce and I are getting a discount (thank you Cassi!) but, still, it's CALIFORNIA. It's the land of the Golden Gate, the Pacific Ocean, The Hills (haha, yeah RIGHT!)...we will need some dinero.

Plus, there's the always-tricky aspect of trying to save for, oh, I don't know, our retirement, children, traveling, house, life, health...I really don't like being an adult sometimes.

So I'm going to take this a little at a time, just like my new eating habits. This week, I solemnly swear that I will not purchase any sweet tea, coffee, books, clothes, etc. that are not necessary. Which none of them ever really are. So there. I will limit my spending to gas expenses, shower invites, and a graduation present for my God-brother Elijah. I cannot BELIEVE he is graduating! What's more, I cannot BELIEVE he decided to go to App. State rather than Georgia Southern...there I go again.

I will continue on this path for as long as possible, one week at a time, until I have saved hundreds of dollars that I never even knew I parents will be so proud!

Have a wonderful Monday night!


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